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#DissapointYourFamilyIn5Words i dont sleep to much

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Ternyata tidak terjadi sprt yg ku blg, #USWNT still strong and win

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@Tonycastilla99 He doesn’t get it - he won’t. He’s focused on his own masculinity aka fragile ego. Can’t help stupid. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Here’s to the win today, they are 11-0 on the year. 👏🏽 #USWNT

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2019: USA 2-0 Netherlands
2020: Netherlands 0-2 USA

@USWNT win the rematch of the World Cup final 👏. #USWNT #NEDUSA

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#USWNT full statement. So proud of this team that truly represents our country as a whole. We are a melting pot as the beautiful game. I feel honored to have formed so many friendships with USWNT players over the years. #blacklivesmatter

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@sucrilhos Sucrilhos é tudo!
Rose Levelle Iran Virginia Petras #NativeAmericanHeritageDay Black Friday #DiaperDon #USWNT #TheMandalorian #RedFriday #hs3atmidnigth #CharliePuthlsLoved Presidente of the United States Ashoka Cyber Monday Korra

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Crystal Dunn on #USWNT Captain Becky Sauerbrunn: "She was someone that always had my back...just hearing very inspiring words from her is an honor. She's not easy to please, I'll to you that. Proud of her."

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Like kicking ball after ball over the bar. She has speed for days, but can’t finish for anything. #USWNT

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