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 1 month ago

We know that COVID is spread by people who feel fine.

Mask up. Stay distant.

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@dcmalibu66 @NYGovCuomo Do you know Florida has the most deaths in NH ? Do you care about them ,?

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 1 month ago

@silverfoxeforte @NYGovCuomo And that's probably after she got her illegal haircut

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 1 month ago

@NYGovCuomo Do we know the death count for nursing homes yet?

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@NYGovCuomo I like the Turkey mask you had in your briefing today. 👌😷🙂❤

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 1 month ago

@NYGovCuomo How were the Enemas Herr Cuomo?

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 1 month ago

@NYGovCuomo Yep, it spreads by arrogant & Irresponsible people

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@NYGovCuomo Mask mask mask. Cases cases cases. Doesn’t seem to be working.

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@NYGovCuomo Things could be worse NY

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Condoms only prevent pregnancy
STDs can still be spread from fluids
Test a minimum of once a month if you’re that active and with multiple people
Also for those who don’t want to use condoms, even if you pull out, precum can still get someone pregnant

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Sex Education should also be Consent Education since I see #SexEdWontTeachYou is trending.

We need to start having cumulative consent education from a young age long before Sex Ed so by the time students get there, they have built a foundation to build upon. #ConsentCulture

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#SVT_IN_COMPLETE hoshi mingyu minghao Rolex Euphoria #AlwaysLeadsToHavingSex Kevin McCarthy give me link Booker #SexEdWontTeachYou bring it yeonjun

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#SexEdWontTeachYou about gooning and accepting beta status

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#SexEdWontTeachYou but Ohio Sex Week 2021 will. I’m speaking on how to get savvy about online dating. More details watch this space #OSU @SASHA

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#SexEdWontTeachYou good silicone toys will be made with body safe silicone- to check the quality use a match or lighter to do a quick swatch burn test; you should always clean any new toy before use with boiling water. If a toy melts or warps during either process, trash it

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#SexEdWontTeachYou about all of your options.

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It's funny to see #SexEdWontTeachYou trending because when I took sex ed we weren't allowed to use the word "sex." We practiced ways of saying no if we were invited to, I Shit You Not, "make sweet tea."

South Carolina, if you're curious. Abstinence-only "making sweet tea" ed.

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