and y’all better stream her album!! #GoodNewsMegan

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girl we struggling out here 😩
cashapp: $chizDOA

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@theestallion Profile picture HOT GIRL MEG


 1 month ago

Hotties let’s celebrate the GRAMMY nominations and my new album!!! Drop your cashapp and #GoodNewsMegan to win some $$$
Stream Good News here: ()

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Like and retweet this if you think that Justin Bieber’s and Benny Blanco’s song “Lonely” should be the official song of #Quarantine @justinbieber @ItsBennyBlanco #TheGoodTimes #AskSinjin #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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#AskSinjin would you rather kiss @markiplier or me?

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#AskSinjin will you be my valentine?? this is for both of you guys...i go both ways xxx

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@SinjinDrowning should i let my grandma out her cage? it’s been 3 months since she’s been let out #AskSinjin

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#AskSinjin favorite member on the dream smp?

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@SinjinDrowning what did you think of my gfs fan art of you guys?! #AskSinjin

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