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#competition #FreePS5Wednesday #ps5 We’re blown away by the response to win a PS5 + our debut album on vinyl record. So - We’ve decided to draw the winner live on 3rd Dec, once we’re out of lockdown.
Enter now. RT/ Follow & give us a listen if you like 🙌🎵 #win

Love the new music❤️ #freeps5wednesday

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@jxsmiiine Thanks 🙌🙌

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#IOwnARidiculousAmountOf Books, so many books I have my own library. I will just need to get rid if my bed.

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Batteries for my reading light

I’m afraid of running out

Because #IOwnARidiculousAmountOf

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And this is about an 1/8 of them I buy balls and play with them once. Can't use a used ball:( #IOwnARidiculousAmountOf

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Word associations in my head! # #IOwnARidiculousAmountOf

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trump would reply "House Republicans"
.... if he could tweet

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