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This is not a offensive game at all. #BALvsBUF

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I’m not gonna judge Lamar Jackson inability to throw the ball till he gets some good wide outs lmao #BALvsBUF

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Watching a game that was supposedly going to have a ton of points... #BALvsBUF

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I'm confused by this game. They spent all their pre-game $ on videos about how excellent the QBs are... #BALvsBUF

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Defensive game #BALvsBUF

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The wind is a factor yet the bills keep trying to throw the ball. It’s not working. Must have HUGE halftime adjustments #BALvsBUF

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How many overthrows do I have to watch @JoshAllenQB throw?


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Those two missed field goals are the difference in the game right now. #RavensFlock #BALvsBUF

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