Jen travels with a group of yes men. Nobody calls her out #RHOSLC

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Listening to Jen talk always leaves me dizzy and bewildered. #RHOSLC

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I have never seen another human being be as emotionally unhinged as Jen is! 0-100 in 2 seconds every time! I could not imagine being Coach Shah having to deal with her drama all the time 😖 #RHOSLC

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How Mary has one press-on nail left on her hand that’s holding the phone...

The only relatable thing about this woman. #RHOSLC

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For ppl complaining about Meredith’s disengaging, yall are missing the fact that the 3 times she has done it was with Jen. That should tell you enough! @MeredithMarks0 can see right through her and she’s smart enough to not waist time on someone who has emotional issues. #RHOSLC

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@hwivesfanatic But you’re watching cause of her. What show is there if she’s not in it? #RHOSLC

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Then she has the nerve to get mad over stupid shit like someone saying she smells like hospital or people saying they’re scared of her. She’s the one who is the terrible friend then she ostracizes women over nothing. She’s a BULLY #RHOSLC #RHOSL

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