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 2 months ago

@sootssimp yes good potato pig #TechnoSupport

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just look at him he brings happiness i so man people i love the potato pig #TechnoSupport

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1 an déjà !
Toujours pas digéré, la blessure est toujours ouverte 😭
Repose en Paix 🙏
#Kobe #KobeBryant #RIP #MambaForever #Lakers #LakersFamily 💜💛

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1 year #MambaForever. Miss you, Kobe.

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"Düşmekten korkuyorsanız, muhtemelen düşeceksiniz."
Unutmadık, unutmayacağız basketbolu sevdiren adam.🏀

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#MambaForever I’m shedding tears It will never sit with me that you’re gone you had barely started your second life GiGi was about to kill the game, thank you for being a great idol Kobe you will always be the goat 🐐 🐍

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It's been a year since their last breath, Rest in paradise Kobe & Gigi Bryant, u will be missed now and forever😭

#Mamba #Mambacita
#MambaForever 💛💜

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