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We'll give a #PS5 Spiderman-Bundle to a random person who retweet this within the next 13 hours. Ships worldwide!

Comment/retweet #FreePS5Wednesday (include cashapp for cash drops) & follow @ChicaLive & myself

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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda is socially distancing my fists from pro plaguers’ faces, who are keeping us from being able to watch a flick in the theaters or eat shitty pizza at Chuck E Cheese while the kids have fun. Did I mention they’re killing people too?

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I’m tidying up the front yard so our house has “curb appeal” when the refi appraiser drops by.

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What’s on everyone’s #RadicalLeftistAgenda for this weekend? We’re painting kitchen cabinets.

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@TheRealHoarse We made chili with beans this afternoon.

Being in Texas, this is truely a #RadicalLeftistAgenda move.

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The people complaining about a "radical leftist agenda" are the same people who think bidets make you gay.

#Conservative #RadicalLeftistAgenda #MAGAFOREVER #MAGA #BidenHarris #BernieSanders

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Radical Left?
Most Democrats in this country would be Tories in the UK. Simply put, America has one of the most far-right political parties on the planet. To a Republican's eyes, even the middle is radical left.
#RadicalLeftistAgenda #RadicalLeftist

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