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We'll give a #PS5 Spiderman-Bundle to a random person who retweet this within the next 13 hours. Ships worldwide!

Comment/retweet #FreePS5Wednesday (include cashapp for cash drops) & follow @ChicaLive & myself

Winner selected tonight via link below 🍀

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I've never met her and don't know her personally, but #istandwithkrystina. She's awesome, always a bright spot in my Twitter feed, and is going to be an amazing host for the Star Wars High Republic Show. #VerifyKrystinaArielle

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Krystina Arielle is a fantastic actress, ttrpg player, cosplayer, and host. The fact that so many Star Wars fans can't get that because their heads are stuck in their own asses is disgusting. Do better.

#IStandWithKrystina #VerifyKrystinaArielle

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#istandwithkrystina Ya'll letting some lame YT video misquoting Krystina to gain viewers. Shame on you.

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We at Nuked are proud to say #istandwithkrystina

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She’s one of the best people out there, on every level. Furious and disgusted that this is happening to such a wonderful human.

Absolutely, unquestionably, #IStandWithKrystina.

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