@NYGovCuomo Profile picture Andrew Cuomo


 1 month ago

We are at the moment of decision.

Decide public health matters.

Decide your health and the health of your family matters.

Stay New York Tough. Stay home.

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@sunstar052 Profile picture Sunstar052


 1 month ago

@Veronica_Efrati @NYGovCuomo Is he saying you can't decide for yourself? I don't think you'll be arrested for not staying home. But I making the decision to do so. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, too.

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@NotoriousRBF Profile picture Rose Benson


 1 month ago

@NYGovCuomo Wear a mask. It’s not an option...if you want to save your friends and family.

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@NYGovCuomo I would rather decide for myself, than you decide for me

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@NYGovCuomo Is Matilda staying home?

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@NYGovCuomo Thank you Governor.

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@NYGovCuomo One candle can light a thousand. Help me light my candle.

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 1 month ago

@NYGovCuomo bruh you really shouldn’t have left it up to the general public to decide lol

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