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My Hero Academia Chapter 292 Summary.

Translations: @redandblonde420

#MHA292 spoilers

nii-chan means older brother. don’t look at me please I’m in tears

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You know what's better than one Lamar Hunt AFC Championship trophy?


#ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack #WPMOYChallenge + Kelce

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People big mad we won that. #RunItBack

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When I go to the Dr. And they ask if I am under any stress, I'm just going to pull up the video of @PatrickMahomes getting his bell rung tonight.

Glad to hear he is well, but dang that was scary!

How Bout Those Chiefs!!

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Aaaaand whew! Great win @chiefs! And the @Browns are gonna be trouble for a while. Solid team. #RunItBack Here’s hoping @PatrickMahomes is ready to go next weekend.

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