So, they may now have the right to walk into Amy Covid Barrett superspreader church services, but do they have the right, knowing the risks, to then leave that building and spread a lethal disease among us? Do they have the right to try to kill us?

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 2 months ago

BREAKING: Supreme Court votes 5-4 to grant Catholic Diocese and orthodox Jews' request to block Gov. Cuomo's attendance limits at houses of worship in New York.

Chief Justice Roberts joins the three liberal justices in dissent.

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@whitneywildrose really is carry the season of #RHOSLC all by herself

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Lisa chasing Jen when she just got in her face is absolutely pathetic. She is scared of her & she’s has zero backbone. #RHOSLC #RHOSL

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Jens bodyguard only needs to be there so he get her under control. This woman is completely mental. I’ll never understand how anyone can stan anyone who acts like this & treats others like this FOR NO REASON! 🚮🚮🚮🚮 #RHOSLC #RHOSL btw this her ↘️ nutcase

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I love that everybody is calling Jen on her shit tonight #RHOSLC

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Get rid of Jen. She’s such a toxic human. #RHOSLC

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Jen & Mary need to be fired! Jen is violent. Bravo stop hiring these unstable women! We do not want to see women fight and get physical! @Andy #RHOSLC

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Aye chakra lady, I don't think @LisaBarlow7 think Trans State Is The Bomb, @MeredithMarks0 Looks Like She In A Trans State at all times & @whitneywildrose Is down to try anything at least once.
#RHOSLC @AllAboutDaTea @Princessn2k @rhosaltlake @RHOSLC @RHOSLC_Bravo @rhoslcbravo

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Heather to Jen Shah: #RHOSLC

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