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 1 month ago

@PalmerReport Of the 5 justices who voted to make NY churches superspreaders:

-1 nominated by a POTUS who lost popular vote
-1 nominated by a POTUS who voted against 1964 Civil Rights Act
-3 nominated by an impeached POTUS who lost the popular vote 2x

Those 5 have the power.

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Pope Francis just told the Supreme Court to go to hell.

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My picks for tonight’s fights #UFC257

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Mike brought the goods for the past two weeks. Check out his work! #UFC257

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It’s time!! King is back baby! #UFC257

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It’s fight night!!! So torn because my two favourites are fighting!! @TheNotoriousMMA & @DustinPoirier let’s go!! So excited!! #UFC257 this Canadian hockey Mom is so happy today!!

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I already told y’all, If Conor loses he gotta leave the sport, and guess what? We got 4 fights left baby!! #UFC257

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Who You Got Tonight #UFC257

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