mf been on the hospital for 5 years

mf been on the hospital for 5 years

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 1 month ago

@TheShiny4 @pablothinghouse And somehow got his ear pierced

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Thanks for sharing please do not follow me

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@HamboVEVO @pablothinghouse the speed in which i made this

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 1 month ago

@pablothinghouse Mark got far too in-character for Unus Annus, huh?
He's dying and shit now.

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 1 month ago
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@pablothinghouse He’s been in there so long he grew out his hair.

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@pablothinghouse not anus 😢😢😢

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 1 month ago

@pablothinghouse As soon as I saw hospital and 5 years I immediately knew

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Breaking News: $TSNP #VTuberUprising @nozzamedac @theoriginalspa3 @AllFinanceTimes @repWeed @Bryan08612322 $EXPR $LLKKF $AABB $INKW

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Awaken my masters! ゴゴゴゴ

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Literally anyone not a weeb seeing #VTuberUprising and being hella confused

anywho pop a follow new model release in 130 followers ;)

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I’m going to submit and assignment with #VTuberUprising and #AnimalCrossingxColourPop as my trending hashtags let’s goo 🤣🤣

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How Interesting...
There aseems to be a #VtuberUprising?
What a novel Idea.
Shall we have some fun?

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So what actually is the #VTuberUprising ? Who are we rising against? Why are people posting pngs with it other than the fact they all look great? Should I join in?

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Was pleased to see #VTuberUprising trending because I thought they were gonna unionize, but nope it's just PR bullshit. When will the Anime Proletariat rise up?

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