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 1 month ago

A constellation of jewels lends a starry effect to an ankle-length dress — the CHANEL ‘Le Château des Dames’ 2020/21 Métiers d’art collection, captured in movement at the Château de Chenonceau.
#CHANELMetiersdart #CHANEL
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@CHANEL @KensingtonRoyal @KarlLagerfeld @Twitter you wear clothes white clothes that day take a certain type of bath did you put on new clothes it's like a snake when it sheds its skin is the ritual then you begin the new Twitter because the old one could have the curse

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@CHANEL @KensingtonRoyal karlism sometimes I will just forget I even came here and act like this is my first day and forget everything is below me that' @KarlLagerfeld modernism

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 1 month ago

@CHANEL The trim is classic and the material hangs and moves as it should.
Would be nice to see this without the sparkly stuff .

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@CHANEL I'm admiring the two last collections of Virginie.... I think she's finally getting a face of her work.

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 1 month ago

@CHANEL Chanel sera toujours Chanel ... félicitations pour ce beau défilé , au top des tops 👏👏👏

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@CHANEL Very vintage looking!!❤️

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@CHANEL ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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any truers??

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ȯ rts are epic :)

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trash? dog water? boxed like a jellyfish? your wiener is built like a tictac?
— rt’s r okay :]

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playing roblox let’s get it
rts appreciated :]

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AYO WE’RE POPPING OFFFF - #honktwtselfieday
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