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 3 months ago

Cue the dance spotlight🕺🔦🏈Football Fever!!! Facebook Group is helping us bring the fun of live sports to your living rooms this season in a JUMBO way! Share your best dance moves to CheerTogether@fb.com for a chance to be featured on our page Jumbotron-From-Home. #MoreTogether

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@facebookapp Hey,
I forgot my password after I changed it. I have tried requesting access codes to mobile/email which are both correct and you have yet to send them to me. Can you help?

Lois muir

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@Ash__a__lynn Profile picture Ashlyn


 2 months ago

@facebookapp @facebookapp @Facebook @facebookai @instagram — my accounts were mistakenly disabled on 11/2! Please restore my accounts!!! #FacebookDisabledMe #InstagramDisabledMe

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 2 months ago

@facebookapp My account was blocked 20 minutes ago. I have been loyal to facebook and active for years. How can I get this active again? Who can we contact for this? I would be very sorry because all my life events and pictures are on it. Is there a solution to unblock it?😟😢

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 2 months ago

@facebookapp How are any of us supposed to share our dance moves or be “together” with those we love when so many of us have had our accounts wrongfully permanently disabled with no venue for appeal or customer service? Fix this. #facebookdisabledme

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@facebookapp Fix your app

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 3 months ago

@facebookapp #Facebook When I post on my wall it takes a long time to show My friends are having the same problem Please check your systems Every since you updated the facebook program I have been having problems I can't post to my friends wall from my laptop No response from Support

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 3 months ago
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