Facebook Invests $150 Million in Affordable Housing for the Bay Area

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@fbnewsroom @Facebook Estimados de team @Facebook este es el cuarto día que no puedo ingresar a mi cuenta y por ende tampoco a mi página comercial. Aún espero el sms de 6 dígitos! Help me! Please! El código nunca llega!

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@hallindes Profile picture Hal Lindes


 1 month ago

@fbnewsroom @Facebook Dear Facebook,
Please turn off the 2FA or send a code via text, I don’t have, and never have had a code generator like your FB bug is requiring.
I’m sure you’ll be mighty rewarded by the 5000 Dire Straits FB fans.
Hal Lindes - Dire Straits - Facebook Lockout Day 13

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@GarzillaX Profile picture xGarzilla


 1 month ago

@fbnewsroom @Facebook Facebook removes Most Recent from mobile browser site for no reason.

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@fbnewsroom @FBoversight @facebookapp @Facebook @facebookai @Liz_Shepherd @andymstone @guyro @codorniou thats great but wonder if you can invest in customer service #facebookdisabledme #instagramdisabledme

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I know fasho Caleb's dad is disappointed

What a bag of trash! 🚮


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You’re telling me jaleb is done ? #LoveIslandUSA after all that????

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he forced this private relationship to better manipulate her and manipulate the public his level of vice is too dangerous I have so much pain for Justine who does not deserve her I hope that she will recover quickly the best is to come for her #LoveIslandUSA

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Caleb we finna fuck your shit up with your retrieving hairline.

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Shaughna and Caleb were the biggest scammers of 2020.

I said what i said!!

#LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland

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Literally every man on season 2 of Love Island besides Calvin and Connor were trash and no one can convince me otherwise. Anyway I hope those two and the women on the show continue to thrive and live their best lives. That is all😌 #LoveIslandUSA

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