Surprise! You’re getting a little Christmas magic from @theweeknd, myself, and @AppleMusic! 🎄🎄🎄✨

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@Karenc20493233 Profile picture Karen C


 1 month ago

@NfamuzReborn @dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic Not Dionne, but Happy Birthday and lots of love from Yorkshire, UK xx

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@dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic get that man his grammy!! can’t wait for this.

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@peeetmyals Profile picture Peter Miles


 1 month ago

@dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic Yes!! The weeknd deserved!!!!

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@L82twatmytweet Profile picture AJ Nutter


 1 month ago

@dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic That’s right @dionnewarwick drag the Grammys for that snub. That really was some bulllllshit. Btw like the #NewProfilePic

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@dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic Hey TT Dionne! I love you, you LEGEND! 🥺❤️

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@dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic Hey @dionnewarwick can you say happy birthday to my momma she is 63 and battling cancer...

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@skinnykneedle Profile picture Lola


 1 month ago

@dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic omg the weekend?? Miss Dionne having a hit at 80, who's doing it like her?

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@dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic Wow, Queen 👑🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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@dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE🤩

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@dionnewarwick @theweeknd @AppleMusic Looking good auntie!!!!

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@SydneyMarie_15 Melina In The ThunderDone #WWERaw

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Cedric and Riddle work well together #WWERaw

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.@SuperKingOfBros se luce en la lucha de ruleta rusa ante el Negocio de Lastimar.


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What did I miss? Even I took a bathroom break during that #GauntletMatch #WWERaw

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Finally someone takes out charlotte flair lol #wweraw

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A year ago today, Lacey Evans was fighting Sasha Banks and Bayley to defend her her family.

Today, Lacey Evans is fighting to wreck Charlotte Flair’s family. #WWERaw

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Deffo sleep after this. Hopefully I wake up and Asuka retained her title #WWERaw

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