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 2 months ago

Replace one word from a classic holiday movie title with the word ‘sleigh’.

We’ll go first: Sleigh Alone 2

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@facebookapp Sleigh all the way!

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 2 months ago

@facebookapp Remove fascists from your platform first

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@facebookapp Sleigh -elf
Sleigh Hard (Die Sleigh (seemed a bit angry lol)
Sleigh Actually
It's a Sleigh Life
Sleigh Grinch
A Christmas Sleigh
The Muppet Christmas Sleigh
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Sleigh
Sleigh Frost
Sleigh on 34th Street
The Sleigh Before Christmas
How the Sleigh Stole Christmas!

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@facebookapp The Social Sleigh

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 2 months ago

@facebookapp My facebook app is not working from last 4 days .. #facebookappdown why is this happening only with me on app ?? Web version works fine

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@facebookapp Sleigh Hard

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Looks like a game of tic tac toe between Bieber & Selena...

▶ via @amazon

#Brother vs. #Sister
#Girfriend vs. #Boyfriend
#Family #Fun #BiebervSelena #Bieber #SelenaGomez #chickencake #TheBachelor #tuesdayvibe #tuesdaymotivations

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If anybody in #BachelorNation never watch #RomeoMustDie then you will never understand this connection. Periodt. #AaliyahVibes #TheBachelor

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Matt knew before fantasy suites that he's picking Rachael but he just wanted to have sex with the other two #TheBachelorABC #TheBachelor

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Very upset over Bri’s departure. I love her 😡 #Bachelor #TheBachelor

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I truly don’t know how he picked Rachael over bri..... #TheBachelor

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Breaking News: $HYSR #TheBachelor @Gambiste1 @Habilis15 @MarketWN @AilsaForshaw @the_gold_oracle $UAL $AMC $SQQQ $SIRC #MWN

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Bri deserves better!! #TheBachelor

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