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 3 weeks ago
Best way to finish the year 🔴

Best way to finish the year 🔴

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 3 weeks ago

@podmore_taylor @D_DeGea @ManUtd Mendy better than him

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@11xEj @D_DeGea @ManUtd only facts.

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@D_DeGea @ManUtd Great performance you put in tonight bro💪

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@D_DeGea @ManUtd Clear of Allison

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@D_DeGea @ManUtd 😤❤️❤️

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 3 weeks ago

@D_DeGea @ManUtd My keeper

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@D_DeGea @ManUtd Daviddddd

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@D_DeGea @ManUtd siuuuu

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@D_DeGea @ManUtd My Gk❤️

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@Yarewelikethat Exactly and that’s why Spencer went back to Leyla in Vegas because Liv must have regretted their hookup and ran back to Asher. I’m sure she felt so guilty about what she did until she found out what he was doing too #allamerican

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We won the war. Spayla will be a little harder to beat. #AllAmerican

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Olivia when she caught Asher cheating on her with Vanessa in Mexico #AllAmerican

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"I JUST WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY" AND THE FACT THAT VANESSA KNOWS ABOUT THEM!! vanessa's gonna be the one to bring us to our spelivia endgame!!! #AllAmerican

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Ok I missed #AllAmerican but I’m home now and I wanna watch it how can I watch it ? Help

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I feel like I need to watch the last few episodes of season 2 of #AllAmerican Bc wth going on lol

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Literally can’t miss a minute of #AllAmerican when it come on so much be happening so fast

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Am i the only person that thinks the new lightskin guy at Crenshaw looks like Franklin from My Wife and Kids #AllAmerican

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