A $15 minimum wage, fighting climate change and expanding health care are at stake in today’s Senate runoffs. 

Phonebank with Georgia @WorkingFamilies today to win in Georgia. 

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 3 weeks ago

@RealtyTao @BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies “Everything I don’t like is communism”

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@BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies They were also at stake in the 2020 primaries and you folded. And by the way, $15 isn't a livable wage, it's just better than $7.25.

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 3 weeks ago

@BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies Communists won't win, even black one .

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@BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies I hope democracy wins out for you guys across the pond.

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@BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies Senate GOP preparing to challenge electoral college.

#GOPSeditiousTraitors #TrumpIsACompleteFailure

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Jen is sooo fucking exhausting!! I’m only 13 minutes in and this hoe is irking me 😤🤬 #RHOSLC

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Had tons of fun being in the virtual audience for tonight’s #WWHL @BravoWWHL I obviously took advantage of the screen time and put my leg in the air 😂

loved seeing @whitneywildrose @GKirschenheiter and obviously @Andy #RHOSLC #RHOC

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Facts, she knew only Jen knew the tea ‼️‼️ #RHOSLC

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@heathergay29 is the kind of cool Real Housewife who doesn't have to be a loud obnoxious nerve shredder to wear the 👑 of #RHOSLC

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Call me “Crazy” but I’m all about @TheRealJenShah #RHOSLC

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@Candiii221 #MaryCrosby looks like she’s struggling w/ everything she has on. She’s wearing stuff from her grandmas closet mixed w/ a lil something from @MeredithMarks0 store, or found in the congregation, w/ a lil something she got on sale at Chanel; all at the same damn time!🤦‍♀️ #RHOSLC

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Mary filming in her closet every time is giving me Flowers in the Attic and that’s on a lot of levels. 👀 #RHOSLC

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@heathergay29 The Jazz game sucked me in. Will watch tomorrow when I can savor it all. #RHOSLC

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