And we all brought out the bells and whistles to ring in 2021.... probably should’ve waited.

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@SalCostello @SparrowHeart23 2021 is really “20, 21, whatever it takes.”
(bad Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton and Teri Garr reference)

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 1 month ago

@SparrowHeart23 2020: Glad it's over.

2021: Hold my beer

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What a wild Mediterranean Europe looks like.

This #WorldWildlifeDay, learn why everyone should be celebrating what's going on in Croatia's Velebit Mountains: @RewildingEurope

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We could not have a #WorldWithoutNature.

As #GBO5 shows, all life on Earth is interconnected. Yet human activity is degrading this web of life.

In honour of #WorldWildlifeDay, learn more about the importance of acting #ForNature.



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It’s #WorldWildlifeDay! If you want celebrate with a new book, we’ve got a great selection of books for all ages in the shop and on the website.

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#Corals can clone themselves and, in theory, live forever. (It’s probably a good thing we can’t.)

#WorldWildlifeDay Photo by Ben Clark

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I dream of a world where our wildlife no longer constantly seek new places to call home because we’re constantly driving them out. I have to believe that we’ll come to find balance one day. All I want is to be able to admire and adore them forever. #WorldWildlifeDay

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Today is #worldwildlifeday🐺🐻

Let us know in the comments what is one small (or big thing) someone can do today to help conserve the world’s biodiversity. #DoOneThingToday

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