Is there going to be an inauguration or not because let me tell you I have an outfit

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@Lynn78485694 Profile picture Lynn


 2 weeks ago

@Nikkita_Howard @chrissyteigen (PP) Personal paparazzi bring it babe.

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@heatherdvil @chrissyteigen I just told my husband that with trump not planning to attend I'm worried about what's going to happen.. Praying for a peaceful day but after this week nothing will surprise me🤷🏾‍♀️

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@randibarry Profile picture Randi


 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen Too dangerous. If Trump is not going it's for a reason.

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@heatherdvil Profile picture Heather Daily


 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen Francis needs to loan Joe the Pope mobile, Trump has to be planning bad things

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@AngelaQueensNY1 Profile picture Angela


 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen You can wear it to the Zoom party.

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@xcruushx Profile picture michelle


 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen Sneak peek queen, you can’t leave us hanging like that

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@Nikkita_Howard Profile picture NikkiH


 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen Wear it and strut through the house. The kids can be your paparazzi.

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@preston_ozment Profile picture preston


 2 weeks ago

@chrissyteigen Wear it anyway

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saving lives
feeding folks
restoring jobs

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The first thing he does during a Global Pandemic?
#Biden #BidenErasedWomen


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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda? Continue to advocate for Universal Health Care, the Fairness Doctrine and reversal of Citizens United. For a start.

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#RadicalLeftistAgenda is to get my second Moderna vaccine Monday and see what Tuesday morning brings

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I just want you guys to know my #RadicalLeftistAgenda is that people have healthcare and get paid a living wage

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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda: Eat dinner, write fanfiction.

Oh, and fight for equity.

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