Some people ask: Why would you impeach and convict a president who has only a few days left in office? The answer: Precedent. It must be made clear that no president, now or in the future, can lead an insurrection against the U.S. government.

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@iampatriottom @BernieSanders And they're making a mockery out of trying to unite the country by telling us to move on.


You cannot allow this to *ever* happen again. They weakened security at the Capitol and staged an attempted coup to keep the loser of an election in office. There must be a response.

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 2 weeks ago

@louisvuittonfly @BernieSanders "you don't even work here" 😂

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@BernieSanders Further, so he cannot run again should our state survive this round of his incitement.

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@BernieSanders Also so he can never take office again.

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 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders His transition team

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 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders Thank you for staying in the senate.

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 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders They are saying we need to “move on” ONLY because overthrowing the election didn’t work. They wouldn’t be calling for “healing” if it had worked! Don’t fall for the BS!

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 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders Just gonna put this video of me saying fvck trvmp here

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Video Recap in under 8 minutes… Who was the match of the night.. We will talk about it on tomorrow's podcast. #AEWDynamite #AEW AEW Dynamite Results & Highlights: 1/27/21, Winners, Grades, Highlights,... via @YouTube

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"I'm Red Velvet and I'm about to stir your bitch ass up!"🥣
Hell yeah that was awesome!
SO excited for @Thee_Red_Velvet what a huge opportunity this is for her to fight w/Cody Rhodes vs Jade Cargill & Shaq at #AEWRevolution
World is gonna see what I already know⭐ #AEWDynamite

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Damn, that look @RealBrittBaker had on her face before she put the mandible in, doesn’t get better than that. I hope she gets a shot soon, she’s red hot. #AEWDynamite @AEWonTNT

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#AEWDynamite in Jacksonville Results (01/27/2021). 🇲🇽

Click on the link and check all the details ➡️

#LuchaCentral #AEW #LuchaLibre #ProWrestling #プロレス 🤼‍♂️

➡️ 🌐

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Seriously what is on Don Calluses face? #AEWDynamite

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Every time the Bucks break out the tasseled shirts in AEW I get unreasonably emotional about it, but it really got me tonight in particular 🥺 #AEWDynamite

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Oh this is really sweet 🥺💖 #AEWDynamite I love friendships in wrestling!

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I once again appreciate Bryce remsburg being confused that Eddie won because he wasn't in control before Bryce got distracted. I like refs applying basic logic and being like "wait really a punch to the face got him?" #AEWDynamite

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