Michael Ray Stepanek, who told police he drove through a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters in August because they needed “an attitude adjustment,” will avoid prison and have the incident erased from his record if he stays out of trouble for 3 years.

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@Gh0stwheel84 Profile picture Sean Will


 1 week ago

@coconmilton @chicagotribune Watch this dude be in DC next week.

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@BAHdeDAH @chicagotribune Yes it should

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 1 week ago

@chicagotribune From the state that brought you Congressman Steven King.....is this heaven? If you're a racist!

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 1 week ago

@chicagotribune Ethical question - should the name of the judge who ruled on this be blatantly disseminated?

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@chicagotribune @JimLaPorta Sounds about white

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 1 week ago

@chicagotribune This is the definition of white Priviledge and this is why we protest for equal rights!

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@chicagotribune How not a hate crime?

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