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 2 weeks ago

UPDATE: Cargo Dragon's departure is now scheduled for approximately 10am ET due to weather off the splashdown site, east of Florida. @AstroVicGlover is monitoring operations from the @Space_Station.

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@estevin1401 Love it!🚗

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 2 weeks ago

@KaedeLynn Thanks for watching with us! 🚀

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 2 weeks ago

@pachibaito @NASA @AstroVicGlover @Space_Station concordo, da um like aqui mano

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 2 weeks ago

@NASA @SpaceX @AstroVicGlover @Space_Station Sweet. I will definitely tune in

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 2 weeks ago

@NASA @SpaceX @AstroVicGlover @Space_Station 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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@NASA @AstroVicGlover @Space_Station It's time to prepare the next space station

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 2 weeks ago

@NASA @AstroVicGlover @Space_Station Ok but can you reply to me?

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Jose Mourinho on Gareth Bale’s performance:

"He looked good, taking on players. Scored the goal. I never felt that he could not play 90 minutes, I never felt I had to take him off. Championship is a good level. That is good. I am happy.”


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All-Time Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup Goalscorers 1894-2021 after 4-1 Fourth Round win at Wycombe Wanderers

#COYS #THFC #Wycombe #FACup

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Tanguy Ndombele has scored 4 goals in his last 3 away games for @SpursOfficial

⚽️ vs. Wolves
⚽️ vs. Sheffield United
⚽️⚽️ vs. Wycombe

| #THFC | #COYS | #Ndombele

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Have a look ..! .. Or Not 👀🤣
Love that our guy tanguy is showing his class, confidents, fitness and skill.! 📊
This is just the beginning! 📈
Great attitude @SpursOfficial to keep there heads up and not let the goal conceded affect them!! #COYS 💪🏽💛

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@SpursOfficial In the end a good performance by the boys, though I wish it would have been ‘over’ much sooner! Great goals by @HarryWinks and Tanguy. Would have loved to seen a bit more from @GarethBale11 but job done... bring on @Everton!! #COYS #THFC

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That second Ndombele goal is really fucking good #COYS #THFC #FACUP

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Coming away with nothing this season is NOT an option!


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