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$600 is simply not enough when you have to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table.

We need $2,000 stimulus checks.

President-elect Biden is absolutely right. $600 is not enough for working class Americans who are struggling to pay the rent and feed their families. Our first order of business must be to pass $2,000 direct payments and major COVID-relief.

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 2 weeks ago

@goldenhour84 @BernieSanders Goofy lookin mf

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@BernieSanders i freakin love you bernie

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@BernieSanders 😂🤯😂🤯😂🤯 - this wasn’t your idea - 🤯😂🤯😂🤯😂

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@BernieSanders Bernie trump already said this weeks ago but nice try taking claim of this

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@BernieSanders any democrat who opposes this needs to reassess what party they're in

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@BernieSanders How long will it take?

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@BernieSanders Yes! Bernie! I hope you are supported with your bold brave and humanistic approach, which also makes good economic sense.

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@BernieSanders The US Congress must come together immediately and DEMAND that Donald Trump tell his supporters to STAND DOWN!

After the Capitol Insurrection, I have grave concerns about the Inauguration. We've seen what they are willing to do!

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Shanna lowkey got a nice anime-esque theme... #AEWDynamite

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Boy for as much money as they shelled out for Jungle Boy’s new theme song the announcers sure aren’t acknowledging it at all #AEWDynamite #MM

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His craft, of course, is MAYHEM! #AEWDynamite

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Does any one in wrestling run wild better than @SilverNumber1 ? #AEWDynamite

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Kingston is a man who works on his craft you can't deny that. #AEWDynamite

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#AEWDynamite next week is beech break at 8 PM on TNT

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for B2B Leads Clice Bellow...


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