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 4 days ago

The iconic NYC Coogan's restaurant is still paying it forward, even after shutting its doors 🙏

Grateful for how they're using Facebook to give back to their community ❤️

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@Facebook @nicolamen Are you seeing all these comments? Please HELP us. #facebookdisabledme

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@AGENT301X @Facebook Facebook IS awesome. It’s why I want my account re-activated. If you know of anyone who I can speak to there, please let me know. Or give them my details. But waiting for my ID to be verified for over 7 months is appalling customer service. #facebookdisabledme

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@ferenstein @Facebook I appreciated them too. I had all my contacts and photos stored on their product. Then they locked me out, asked me to upload ID, and never got in touch again. That was in JULY. I want to be on FB. I’ve begged them to contact me to find a resolution. Nothing. #facebookdisabledme

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 4 days ago

@ShowbizJamie @Facebook I'm very happy to have my account back with the help of @hacker_steveadlerr on Instagram ✅✅✅

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 4 days ago

@Abd_Alakaishi @Facebook Good question. It looks like they don't give a shit either to be honest. I gave been trying for the last four months. Sent them a message on here with evidence and still nothing..

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@Facebook hey @Facebook . i appreciate you and really enjoy your product

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@Facebook why fb still don’t have customer service center to answer our questions about #disables our accounts ? ! 😡🤬

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@Facebook Would love to see this on my @Facebook page, but sadly can’t... because #facebookdisabledme LOCKED OUT OF MY OWN ACCOUNT SINCE JULY. And FB blame Covid. I need someone at the company to get in touch and sort it out please. Hire some staff. It’s destroying my mental health.

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 4 days ago

@Facebook FB is awesome, stay golden! #twitterlove

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I don’t care for judgmental people ...but cats.....
a different story. 😉

BTW...When I hear the word Judgmental
....I automatically think of #JudgeJeanine 🤪🤪🤪


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Woke up to the hashtag #catsjudgingkellyanne . Gotta say, I'm loving it!

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you're stuck in a mess more than me

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Instagram marketing post design.

Master and Commander
Greta Gerwig

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Had to check this out. It didn't disappoint. #catsjudgingkellyanne

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