By transforming food systems, we can address critical challenges and unlock opportunities to realize a healthier, more sustainable and more equitable world🌏

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@Rachael56152878 @UNEP @UN @FoodSystems I would like to focus on microfarming and supplying to my local community through farmer's markets and a stand and such. Some day. Maybe I'll be ready to buy a few acres this summer.

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@UNEP @UN @FoodSystems I have been focused on this issue myself as of late. Interestingly...I just had this discussion with a family member this morning. We have the global resources to end hunger if we work cooperatively. I have ideas!

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@UNEP @FoodSystems The food system contributes to as high as 37% of the global greenhouse emissions. We support you in this movement.

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My Friday #RadicalLeftistAgenda
was walking the neighbor's dog along with mine. Then I took my elderly mother to the doctor where she received socialized healthcare. We both noticed the doctor and all staff seemed to be in on it.

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There is no #RadicalLeftistAgenda.

Far-right: Majority of GOP

Center-right: majority of Democrats, some on GOP

Center-left: Justice Democrats

Fat-left: Everyone on this end of the spectrum has either been killed by the state, or is marginalized by the political mainstream.

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Did everyone remember to execute their #RadicalLeftistAgenda today? Mine was a Starbucks mug with two big scoops of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and a scoop of dry milk. The taste hits all those #RadicalLeftistSpots. #HotChocolateExtreme

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Oh, and leading with kindness and love...always! #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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#RadicalLeftistAgenda If you're so steamed over the 'radical left agenda', just remember: It was your stupidity, incompetence and gullibility that led to us to seize the reins of power from your tiny feeble hands. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

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