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 5 days ago

A flesh wound requires far more than a bandaid. Impeachment should have been a thundering bipartisan statement. That so many Republicans parrot the big lie that this election was stolen, threatens future violence. These past 4-plus years demand a reckoning with reality.

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@Bahai144 @DanRather So Trump is still winning?

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 5 days ago

@DanRather I think America's flesh would might have impetigo, Dan

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@DanRather Agreed!

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 5 days ago

@DanRather Pretty weird four years, huh?

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@DanRather I’m really not hopeful about any “reckoning.”

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@DanRather since when has reality had anything to do with Donald Trump's presidency?

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@DanRather My God.. how is that even debatable Dan.. so true

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 5 days ago

@DanRather Trump sets another record! I bet he feels great now. NO other President in history has EVER been impeached twice! Trump WINS! So much winning they must be sick of it!

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Pampita y Roberto García Moritán emocionados por la canción que les dedicó la hija del empresario.

Mira el Video👉

#Pampita #México #GarcíaMoritán #romántico #pareja #TrumpsLastDay
#Multiculturalism #FelizMartes

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Pro life peeps, we need to work even harder after today. Lets stand together in this! #prolifegeneration #TrumpsLastDay #ProLife #ThankYouTrump

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@senatemajldr @GOPLeader
@HouseGOP @SenateGOP @GOP

Your party is now a complete joke.

Actually, a freak show.

A disgrace and a laughing stock.

The likes of Greene and Boebert representing the party-a party of freaks.

#TrumpsLastDay #tuesdayvibe #GOPComplicitTraitors #GOP

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24 hours... 🎤 #TrumpsLastDay

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@RyanAFournier Agreed.

I also hope they are not posting pro-Trump content. That would be foolish and disgusting.

#TrumpsLastDay #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison #GOPComplicitTraitors

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