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Central African Republic: @antonioguterres calls for accountability after attacks outside capital Bangui resulted in death of a UN Peacekeeper with @UN_CAR.

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@UN @antonioguterres @UN_CAR --thousands are dying in #Tigray
--we hope you people are aware
--unarmed civilians are being killed, raped and forced to leave home to claim refugee status on foreign
--their home is no longer safe and everybody is quiet
-- #TigrayGenocide must stop

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@UN @antonioguterres @UN_CAR You should give reports on what is happening in Uganda

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@UN @antonioguterres @UN_CAR Africa has been out of sight FROM UN community.. @KagutaMuseveni when you Tell us we can not know more than you,the people in your house are screaming Death.. it's too loud we can hear..

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@UN @antonioguterres @UN_CAR While I do not support violence in any way, but one begs the question if that UN Peacekeeper was raping young boys or girls like the peacekeepers were doing in Haiti several years ago. We need more background information before we believe this "nice" press release.

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Katherine needs to own up to what she did. Remember this was all in the time George Floyd was killed. Way to go bravo! #southerncharm

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@cshell0314 The real question is why did Cameron stopped talking to Leva ??? 🤔 #SouthernCharm

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@decider @Pataltschul Love Pringle! He’s a delightful new addition to the show. #SouthernCharm

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last night’s #wwhl secret word or whatever said whitney’s name 21 times and tonight, kathryn’s name 23 times. looks like we know who is carrying their seasons. #rhoslc #southerncharm

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Madison LeCroy is an alpha bitch - a constant need for attention and control. Austen should leave you in the rear view mirror for the last time. #SouthernCharm

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Also people hating Leva on #SouthernCharm WHAT OTHER STORYLINE WAS THERE THIS SEASON?! Editing isn’t on Leva!!! No one brought anything to the season.

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The new girls on #SouthernCharm need to move on, I get it but it’s been months and this is your only story line, it’s not getting you a #2ndseason #bravotv @BravoWWHL

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Madison and Kathryn are the southern girl stereo types that HAVE to go. You can't break-up with a guy, push him away and get mad when he moves on. You don't own him. Kathryn is the #MAGA poster child.


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