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 1 week ago

Stephen King sells the rights to some of his short stories for only $1 so film students can use them to make movies

He calls them his "Dollar Babies"

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@Gazhopper07 @UberFacts The langoliers also needs a new movie adaptation, the 80´s one was terrible

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@UberFacts That's cuz they're only worth $0.50

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts is it true @StephenKing ?

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts Is "The Long Walk" still being made into a movie?.. One of his best stories..

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 1 week ago

@damastersman @UberFacts You as well luv 🤗 it’s greatly appreciated 🙌🏾🤞🏾

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts 😂 funny name

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts If you are reading this right now...

I hope you attract something really great in your life. ¬

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How crazy would it be if Deshaun watson trade with Miami goes through for Tua and Picks. They draft Devonta Smith, and grab Nick Saban to coach. Alabama reunion.

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@PatMcAfeeShow #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT I doubt Aaron Rodgers shows up to your show tomorrow

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@PatMcAfeeShow # #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT Rodgers needs to leave the Packers. It seems very apparent to me that they’re not focused on winning now and putting the pieces around him that he needs. some coaching decisions have been very questionable in biggest moments past 2yrs

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@PatMcAfeeShow #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT Instead of watching the Brady love fest on sports TV, I’m watching True Crime shows today since the red zone offense and officiating were a true crime in GB yesterday. Shameful to see the refs end a game when their whistles had been silent all game!

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@PatMcAfeeShow #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT Bill Belichick is overrated. Bill Belichick has not accomplished anything without having the greatest NFL player of all time or working under a HOF coach on the Giants. 🤔

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#PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT Matt LaFleur pulled a 2011 Jay Cutler.

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#PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT only Gronk is getting a "congrats" text from Bill Belichick.

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