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 1 week ago

The pilot episode of the show “Courage the Cowardly Dog” was nominated for an Oscar in 1996

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@foruiamnaked @UberFacts no i think it’s just because how good the first episode was, it was oscar worthy

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@UberFacts My fav cartoon

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts As it should be

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts Who is to say it didn't deserve it? They deserved to win it.

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@UberFacts Courage deserves it

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@UberFacts Was the rest ass?

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts Man i loved it....😂🤣

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@UberFacts Dope

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 1 week ago
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Here’s to a great Monday! 🙌 #mondaymotivation

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Let’s pray it won’t always be this way.

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@BravesAshland I’m starting to think if it wasn’t for @BravesAshland ’s #MondayMotivation videos, I wouldn’t have gotten such good luck the past three Mondays:

1. My family got a puppy

2. I got an offer from a @MLB team to work with them.

3. I was asked about running for office

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Don't give up, everything will happen in its time #MondayMotivation

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