UP court to hear AAP leader Somnath Bharti's bail plea on Friday

Bharti on Monday had ink hurled at him in Rae Bareli and was arrested later for allegedly making objectionable remarks last week.

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@Nishant_jpb @timesofindia @TOILucknow @rmkarki @iBackModi Court le jate hue gadi bhi palat sakti hai 😜😜

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@timesofindia @TOILucknow SULTANPUR: The bail plea o (AAP) leader n Delhi MLA Somnath Bharti could not be heard on Thursday due 2 a strike by lawyers here. Hearing in a special MP-MLA court here wl nw take place on Friday.


Kal bhi strike hai kya ???

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@timesofindia @TOILucknow Prayers for his not getting bail

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@Bullish19 Profile picture Peace for all


 5 days ago

@timesofindia @TOILucknow This picture should be shown to the courts and this picture should be enough to dis-qualify this MLA and also declare him unfit to live among civil society.
Example needs to be set and followed
We are already doomed on the behavioral & deliverable by people in office.

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@AnthonySabatini I just don’t get it. Honestly. 29% approval rating and he’s the greatest president ever. George Washington and the founding fathers are rolling in their graves and you, sir, are ridiculous #Inauguration2021 #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy #ImpeachedTwice #ImpeachedTwice

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In honor of #Inauguration2021 tomorrow and @KamalaHarris, a few other fave firsts:

First experience outside the US (Paris 1999)
First kiss w/@ramon_hamilton, life partner, biz partner
First-born child (though, I like my second just as much)
Jessica, 1st friend

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9/ "Stop with the footnotes & policy. Ask your Trump supporting friends & family how they feel. Say: What would happen to you if the other side got what they wanted? And listen carefully to the answer." #January6th #peace #PVE #Inauguration2021

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Every time I think I'm going to get up, the house cat (I'm staying w/friend tonight to watch #Inauguration2021 ) is at her food dish which is close to the bedroom door. I'm stuck for a couple of more minutes! 😹😸😹

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Tonight’s painting was inspired by the excitement I’m feeling about #InaugurationDay, even though I’m Canadian. History will be made when @KamalaHarris gets sworn in as the first Black, South Asian, woman Vice President of the USA! 🤩


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5/ "Don't 'other.' If you push people in the corner, certain elements will become more extreme. Confrontational people can be engaged. Often, their energy can be persuaded or coerced to collaborate. Don't lump people together." #January6th #Inauguration2021 #PVE

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Will the cardboard crowd arrive by bus? Will they #WearAMask ? Maybe Vagina Hats?


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can't wait for gaga to remix 911 into the national anthem tomorrow. #Inauguration2021

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