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THE ENTIRE TRUMP FAMILY IS NOW MOVING TO FLORIDA ! As if my home state did not have enough lunatics and crazy people already #Florida #ThursdayThoughts

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48 years ago Roe v. Wade established the legal right to abortion. Today we celebrate that victory and commit to doing the work to make abortion accessible to all who need it. #RoeAnniversary #RoevWade #AbortionIsEssential

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Roe v. Wade was established 48 years ago, but we’re still fighting in TN to protect and expand abortion access. Join us in building a more progressive state by attending one of our Action Forums next week:
#RoeAnniversary #RoevWade #AbortionIsEssential

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En conmemoración de #RoevWade los abortos están en especial 2x1

#ViernesDeAborto #MalvadaAbortista

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Today is the anniversary of the United States falling in line with Satan. On this day in 1973, our country decided to legalize slaughtering children in the womb. As you hear women scream "my body, my choice," all Satan hears is worship to him. #RoeVWade #OnThisDay

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