"I was in my bag today." -Max at the post fight presser.


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Posing with Pikachu in Japan!
Happy Pokemon Day and Happy Birthday Me!
#pokemoncenter #PokemonDay #Pisces

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Seeing all the #PokemonDay comments today (especially from my favourite VA’s) really makes me one happy fellow.

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The year is 2019.

The sound of bagpipes greet you as you enter the Wild Area for the first time. You check a Pokémon Den and encounter your first Gigantamax Pokémon.

After the battle, you make curry and play with your team in Pokémon Camp.

Life is good.


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en cuanto gameplay espero que muestren mas por que lo que mostraron es muy poco y medio aburrido
las animaciones se mejoraron un poco son simplemente las mismas solo que se deslizan antes de atacar (lo cual se e mal)

#Pokemon25 #PokemonDay #PokemonPresents #PokemonLegendsArceus

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esse é o que eu mais fico em dúvida adoro os três mas por experiência em gameplay eu fico com o totodile #PokemonDay

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Happy 25th anniversary, Pokémon! To celebrate, here's a Pikachu party! 🎉 #PokemonDay

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I think it’s only fair that I’m honest with all of you...before my screen name was ElloSteph, it was...StephPokemon. That’s right. If I never changed it when I was 14, StephPokemon would have been my handle on everything.

Happy #PokemonDay #Pokemon25

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