#mnwild tallies 44 shots tonight - its most against the Kings in a season meeting. The Wild is 15-7-1 when recording 44-plus shots in a game in franchise history, including a 6-0-1 record in extra session contests with 44-plus shots.

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Sadly just more proof that retail companies don't GAF about their employees. Treat them like their disposable, because we as a country allow them to. Shame on you #TraderJoes #COVID19

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What exactly are your values? #TraderJoes

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Imagine that you're #TraderJoes CEO. You've spend 300M on measures to protect your employees and customers, and some stock boy sees something on TV and writes you a letter telling you you're not doing the right thing.

Fire that MF!

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I've discovered #TraderJoes problem: their CEO.

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