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 1 month ago

Wowww. That was allll the body grabbing on Mewis.... #USAvCOL #USWNT

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Poor Minnie’s mom. I feel so sad fir her #LittleWomenAtlanta #littlewomenatl

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Tammie is being as strong as she can #LittleWomenAtlanta

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Why can’t Ms. Shirleen just mind her gotdamn business! Leave Abira alone and stop trying to make her out to be the bad person cause she left briefly to get herself together. Ooh she irks my damn nerves 😤 #LittleWomenATL #LittleWomenAtlanta

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@shalan1003 .. I think if it weren't for her congestive heart failure, she would have survived. 🤦🏾‍♀️😭😭😭 This is really sad. #LittleWomenAtlanta #LittleWomenATL #LittleWomen

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Monie outfits and wigs ...... fix it Jesus
#LittleWomenAtlanta #LittleWomenATL

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Abira really made Minnie’s memorial about her by walking away. She’s so annoying man I want her off the show bring back those weird twins or that fought at a kids party lmfaoo #LittleWomenAtlanta

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anyone knows how Tammy is holding up atm? #LittleWomenAtlanta

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Nice to see everybody trying for a fresh start following Minnie's funeral!! #LittleWomenAtlanta

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