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Me thinking about all the food I am going to eat tomorrow 😎 | @NiallOfficial

A big Thanksgiving mood from @NiallOfficial >>>🕶️🎵

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With most of Bose employees still #WFH, there was an abundance of nonperishable food in our cafeterias. Bose’s own Liana Vincini and Cindy Baer lead the charge to donate thousands of lbs of food to 8 local orgs to help families in need. Thank you both! #TeamBose #TisTheSeason

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Replying to @DangeRussWilson: You asked for it…I’m finally cooking! Whipped up my favorite Mac and Cheese just in time for Thanksgiving with the hel…

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Raise your hand if you're following @SterlingKBrown's lead and doing your own #TurkeyTrot this year! #BoseFrames 🕶️🎵

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You asked for it…I’m finally cooking! Whipped up my favorite Mac and Cheese just in time for Thanksgiving with the help of @KristenLKish. #BoseEarbuds #TeamBose @Bose

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Time for a new personal best. #BoseEarbuds are engineered for your best workout yet.

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Akeem and Nick Eh 30 team up to unbox the Bose QuietComfort 35 II: Bose’s first ever 2-in-1 gaming headset.

Enter for your chance to win a Bose Gaming Headset. NoPurchNec.;18+.;US #sweepstakes

Can't wait to get an insider look at the new #QC35 II Gaming Headset? Check out this @IGN unboxing with special guest @NickEh30! 🎮 🎧

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There's a #BoseFrames for every face shape. Click to find your perfect pair: 🕶️🎵

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From gameday hype to sideline shenanigans, @PatrickMahomes has us feeling it all. #BoseEarbuds #TeamBose #FeelItAll

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.@bakermayfield + #BoseHeadphones 700 move in silence but make a whole lot of noise. #Browns

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Hey Eh Team, we're doing a sponsored @Bose stream on the front page of Twitch!

Solo Eh Team scrims later to prepare for the Nick Eh 30 Cup!

$1M Marvel Cup later as well!

Check out @NickEh30 stream today and see the #QC35 II Gaming Headset in action!

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Replying to @DangeRussWilson: Business.

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Good luck to #TeamBose skier @MikaelaShiffrin on returning to @fisalpine this weekend. We missed you! #BoseHeadphones

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A special behind the scenes look with @NiallOfficial during his live stream at @RoyalAlbertHall for the #WeNeedCrew​ platform. We're proud to support and be a part of Niall and his crew's success!

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How it started ➡️ How it’s going

Congratulations to @TyHaliburton22 on being drafted! #NBADraft

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How it started ➡️ How it’s going

We can confidently say it’s going pretty well for @obitoppin1. Congratulations! #NBADraft

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What sounds make you happy? @jonahmutono loves the sound of a quiet country night and listening to music with @bose QuietComfort Earbuds. #TeamBose #BoseEarbuds

Planet @AFROPUNK is about bringing people together in a global celebration, like @jonahmutono. So proud to sponsor their first online festival. #TeamBose

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Who's faster? Bose employee, Crystal, in her #BoseFrames Tempo, or her furry friend, Bronx? #PuppyLove 🕶️🎵

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Our latest➡️your greatest. Everything you need to know about all of our newest #BoseHeadphones is just a click away:

📸: @Edelman11

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The importance of clarity in sound is key to musician, @serpentwithfeet. Listen to him share who his music inspirations are and why wearing @bose QuietComfort Earbuds helps him hear all parts of his favorite songs. #TeamBose #BoseEarbuds

Catch up with Planet @AFROPUNK’s @serpentwithfeet — one of the many artists to perform on the first virtual Global Stage, sponsored by Bose. #TeamBose

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The best wired or wireless gaming headsets to buy

Best wired gaming headset!? Honored to be featured on this list.🎮 #BoseHeadphones

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