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Digital Media Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: DMS) is a leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions. #Digitaladvertising #TeamDMS

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From the customer journey to optimizing digital strategies, here are four marketing and advertising lessons inspired by classic Dr. Seuss stories. @DrSeuss #DrSeussDay #DrSeuss #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #ReadAcrossAmerica

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Many advertisers continue to amplify Black businesses, creators and makers through digital advertising strategies and partnerships. @15PercentPledge @Yelp @Macys @utilityobjects @unwrppd @Celsious_Social @ZerinaAkers @MisaHylton @AminahJillil @AllenOnyia

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The right message to the right person at the right time is advertising gold. Push notifications allow companies to re-engage and nurture website visitors, encouraging them to take desired actions. #pushnotifications

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For big-name CPG brands, bargains and ease of online ordering could be the key to the hearts of busy, bargain-hunting Gen Xers. #genx #generationx #bargain #shopping #spending #consumerbehavior #CPG

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DispatchHealth is a different kind of telehealth service. Instead of conducting medical appointments online, @DispatchHealth is bringing medical care directly to patients' homes with a seamless online platform. #telehealth #medicalcare #healthcare

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As more journalists gravitate toward subscription-based writing services, it's likely we will see social media companies jumping on the newsletter service bandwagon in order to differentiate themselves. @facebook #writers #facebook #newsletter

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Many Pinterest users turn to the platform in search of something specific, and AR tools could be the differentiating factor that drives sales. @pinterest #ar #augmentedreality #ecommerce #pinterest

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The RTA Store leans into the preferences of digital shoppers with exclusive online sales and promotions, seamless communication with consultants and online design tools. @thertastore #digitalshoppers #homereno #kitchen

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Home inspections are an essential part of many home purchases, and many brands are leaning into digital strategies to attract consumers and share industry knowledge. @pillartopost @NPIFranchise @HouseMaster #inspection #homeinspection #digitalstrategies

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Due to increased time spent at home and evolving consumer interests, gadgets - both traditional and relevant to today’s climate - are in high demand. #gadget #consumerinterest #technology #techboom

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In anticipation of a different kind of St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Guinness partnered with apparel company @Carhartt to launch a line of co-branded apparel. #stpatricksday #Guinness #Carhartt #beerwars #MakeYourOwnParade

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The explosion of ecommerce growth over the last year has led to increased adoption of BNPL by consumers, particularly Millennials. @Affirm @Klarna #BNPL #buynow #paylater

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Brands and advertisers show support in the wake of racist attacks. Using the #StopAsianHate hashtag, Nike pledged “$500,000 to 20 nonprofits that support Asian American, Middle East, and Pacific Islander communities.” @nike #AAPI #support @gofundme

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These best practices will help ensure lead generation campaigns geared toward auto insurance prospects are set up for success. #bestpractices #leadgeneration #autoinsurance

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Here are seven quick takes from the Hootsuite Social Trends 2021 report that can help advertisers this year. @hootsuite #socialmedia #trends #socialmediatrends #trending #strategies

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Female empowerment and leadership are celebrated during Women’s History Month and every month. Here are a handful of finance brands who have recognized girl power and embraced it. #womenshistorymonth #womenshistory @BankofAmerica @Citibank @WellsFargo

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Telehealth brands are increasingly offering digital support with online and in-home solutions to support the needs of patients more comfortable at home. @ro @DispatchHealth @HealApp #telehealth

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The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community has found support from brands and advertisers in the wake of racist attacks. @goldhouseco @nike @onepeloton @gofundme #stopasianhate @NextShark @joinClubhouse @AAFederation

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