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Trying to be a better human - doing about average. Building tools for startups at @joinunion 🙌. Previously @1776 @webreakstuff @techcrunch

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Replying to @chrija: 1/ Looking for a VP Product, Head of Product, and several Product Managers for several *amazing* P9 Family companies. Different…

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1/ Looking for a VP Product, Head of Product, and several Product Managers for several *amazing* P9 Family companies. Different stages and geos (Barcelona, London, Berlin, Copenhagen + remote).

A successful referral gets you a new MacBook Air M1.

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LOL remember when the US had a reality tv show "star" as president?

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"I hear the sound of victory" - is this what she meant? Because I hear it too!

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Finally (sorry, this turned into a thread), I understand how tunnels are a fascinating technical challenge and Musk is an engineer. But I think we can do grand things in the intersection of engineering and urbanism.

Car rant over.

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I understand how the @boringcompany plan *does* hide some car infrastructure, but it does so at tremendous cost and debatable efficiency. I think a better future lies in rethinking the fabric of the city, by making it work for us rather than vehicles. We have it upside down.

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It is scandalous that we force people into polluting, fast-depreciating tin cans every day for hours. One other scandal is that most of the modern city, which should facilitate happiness, creativity, exploration... life!, is just infrastructure for cars.

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Quoted @elonmusk

@FrancisSuarez @CityofMiami Cars & trucks stuck in traffic generate megatons of toxic gases & particulate, but @boringcompany road tunnels under Miami would solve traffic & be an example to the world.

Spoke with @RonDeSantisFL about tunnels last week. If Governor & Mayor want this done, we will do it.

Wouldn't a first principles-based thinking lead to asking "how did we get to cars everywhere and is there a way to do better?" rather than "maybe we make tunnels for them". I love Musk's passion and can't argue with the achievements, but in this one case, maybe we can be bolder.

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Quoted @GeorgeTakei

This is just awful. Who would do such a thing?

I'm so pissed off by this, I think I have to step away from my keyboard. Find whoever did this shit and lock them the hell up. Heartless.

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If an email says "Action required", an action better be required.

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Is there a chance we can convince the weirdos that the inauguration is taking place at the US Capitol Total Landscaping?

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Okay here's a crazy thought, but hear me out:

What if those members of militias threatening US democracy couldn't buy guns in the first place? 🤯

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Tangentially related (you'll understand), here is my favorite ad ever - so good that I saved it on YouTube 9 years ago to keep. Dylan Thomas + Richard Burton + the Solaris OST. I think @genmon played this at one of his talks many years ago. Here you go:

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The night time is my favorite. I sit with my laptop and explore. Ideas flourish, browser tabs are all inspiring and email nowhere to be seen. New projects imagined, new albums explored, books and blog posts added to an infinite inspiration list. I love it.

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Quoted @tmorello

Some of those that work forces are apparently the same that burn crosses.

This could be a song, even!

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More will be said and written about this, of course, but let today be a reminder of the power of social media. Grew too quick to be properly understood. When the currency is attention, very scary dynamics emerge. Lies get amplified, and eventually, this happens.

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(And to be clear: great that they removed the video. Shame that they let everything else slip by.)

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Quoted @guyro

This is an emergency situation and we are taking appropriate emergency measures, including removing President Trump's video. We removed it because on balance we believe it contributes to rather than diminishes the risk of ongoing violence.

If you are VP of something that doesn't exist... what are you, really?

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I’m not super attached to objects, but packing these to sell (I just don’t use them enough anymore) was truly hard. So many great moments. Ooof. 😕

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Bored with the internet.

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