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Find yourself playing more games in the last 12 months? You're not alone. See how the gaming community has grown over the last year, in a new report from Facebook Gaming.

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We're ending our #MLKDay charity streams strong with @_84reasons cranking 90s in @FortniteGame while raising money for @tmcf_hbcu!

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Up next we have Swisha Sweet Gaming trying to find out who is the impostor in @AmongUsGame!

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Jump right back into @PlayVALORANT with DaisyKiwi. She's streaming for @tmcf_hbcu charity fund in honor of #MLKDay!

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What better game to play at night than @DeadByBHVR? Join @_EclecticBelle_ as she's live right now while raising money for @tmcf_hbcu.

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Quoted @RogueFPS


Live featured by @FacebookGaming for MLK day! All donations are going to the @tmcf_hbcu college fund! Grinding ranked keeping diamond! COME THROUGH!


.@RogueFPS is live right now climbing the @PlayVALORANT ranks!

👀 -

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Replying to @MunchkinDoom: Thank you again to everyone involved for the #MLKDay
esp @_JaneyLaney
Thanks to @LAWorksNow & @FacebookGaming


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.@tyrasonotbanks is live right now streaming @DeadByBHVR for the @tmcf_hbcu charity fund! Join her stream below 👇

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Up next we have @weirdocece_tv jumping from the Battle Bus in @FortniteGame. Make sure to support her stream 👏

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Thank you again to everyone involved for the #MLKDay
esp @_JaneyLaney
Thanks to @LAWorksNow & @FacebookGaming

Dreams really come true & I'm so happy that you stuck everything out to be apart of moments like this.

#blackminecraft #BlackLivesMatter #Minecraft

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The #MLKDay charity filled streams continue with @NCentss dropping into @FortniteGame while raising money for @tmcf_hbcu!

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Up next we have @StunnPlays roleplaying in GTA 5! Follow her adventure below 👇

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Catch the wave and join Mozzy Rozzy's @FortniteGame charity stream benefitting @tmcf_hbcu 🌊

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.@MrTalbain is live right now playing @thegranturismo open lobbies! Join in on the fun while fundraising for @tmcf_hbcu.

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Up next we have @FBBvnditRook dropping into @FortniteGame while raising money for @tmcf_hbcu for #MLKDay.

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Prefer @Pokemon? @lil_chaosgaming's #MLKDay charity stream has you covered! Join her as she becomes the very best while streaming for @tmcf_hbcu.

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Starting us off we have the one and only @DivaonFb playing some @FortniteGame. Watch them as they bring the energy this morning 👏

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Today we're featuring several of our Level Up and Partnered creators who are fundraising for @tmcf_hbcu in honor of #MLKDay.

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.@N0M4DTV was born with a rare muscle and joint disorder called Arthrogryposis, a non-genetic condition that causes underdeveloped muscles and frozen joints in his arms and legs. Here he shares his experience streaming to a welcoming community on Facebook Gaming.

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Today we’re proud to launch the Facebook Gaming Black Gaming Creator Program. Here’s @KingRichard to tell you more about it.

For more information and details on how to apply, go to

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