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Under the creative direction of #AlessandroMichele Gucci is redefined as a luxury brand with a contemporary approach to fashion.

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.@jaredleto wears the #TheNorthFacexGucci collection photographed by @jimkchin in Joshua Tree National Park for three @SidetrackedMag articles on challenging expectations and celebrating the spirit of discovery. #AlessandroMichele @thenorthface #GucciEditorials

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Photographed by @jimkchin, @jaredleto wears pieces from #TheNorthFacexGucci collection. The images appear in three articles from @sidetrackedmag. Tune in on Instagram listen to #JaredLeto and #JimmyChin on our live at 8pm CET. @thenorthface

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Defined by its tiger head closure, the #GucciDionysus shoulder bags take on a new vibrancy in white and black leather as well as a vivid shade of green with electric blue enamel on the closure. Discover more . #GucciEpilogue #AlessandroMichele

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Replying to @zepeto_official: 🤭Gucci is now in ZEPETO!
As a sneak preview of the official launch on February 5th, we've released the latest Gucci s…

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🤭Gucci is now in ZEPETO!
As a sneak preview of the official launch on February 5th, we've released the latest Gucci styles. Don't miss it!❤


@gucci ©Fujiko-Pro
#ZEPETO #Gucci #DoraemonxGucci

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Multiple House emblems—the Double G hardware and the House monogram canvas—collide on these belts, which come in a range of leather accents in different colors. Discover more . #AlessandroMichele

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The #GucciHorsebit1955 shoulder bag, a mainstay of the House handbag collections with its defining hardware, is introduced in a new soft yet structured shape reminiscent of a camera bag as part of the #GucciEpilogue collection. More . #AlessandroMichele

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Based on an archival design originally created in the 60s, the #GucciJackie1961 collection evolves with a new tote bag in two sizes with top handles, a detachable shoulder strap and piston hardware. Discover more . #AlessandroMichele #GucciEpilogue

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The #GucciAce sneaker, with its streamlined shape and House Web stripe detail, is printed with a Disney motif for the House’s ongoing collaboration. Discover more . #DisneyxGucci #AlessandroMichele #GucciEpilogue

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A collection designed to discard the old rules of fashion and create pieces meant to be worn always and not just for one season, #GucciEpilogue is defined by 70s silhouettes and an eclectic mix of patterns—including a #KenScott floral print. #GucciKenScott #AlessandroMichele

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Climbing in the Joshua Tree National Park, @jaredleto is wearing pieces from #TheNorthFacexGucci collection, photographed by @jimkchin for @sidetrackedmag.

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. #WenQi captured in Beijing wearing #TheNorthFacexGucci vest, #DisneyxGucci Donald
Duck sweatshirt, cotton shorts and #GucciHorsebit1955 shoulder bag.
#AlessandroMichele @thenorthface

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A$AP Rocky #ASAPRocky spotted in New York City wearing a down bomber jacket with allover GG motif
from the #TheNorthFacexGucci collaboration collection. Photo by #JulienMitchell. #AlessandroMichele @thenorthface

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Discover #TheNorthFacexGucci collection in
@PokemonGoApp with avatar items designed from the line’s T-shirts, hats and backpacks. Discover more .

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Celebrating the spirit of exploration with #TheNorthFacexGucci, designed by #AlssandroMichele. Discover more . @thenorthface

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Images from #TheNorthFacexGucci documentary by #SeanVegezzi, featuring the collection by #AlessandroMichele, who says he channeled an alternative lifestyle in its design.

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An alternative lifestyle in the great outdoors, where beauty and function necessarily coexist, discover #TheNorthFacexGucci documentary by #SeanVegezzi .

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The wilderness of the mountains, the natural power of landscape, seen through the lens of #SeanVegezzi. A preview of #TheNorthFacexGucci documentary to celebrate the collaboration collection. #AlessandroMichele @thenorthface Discover more .

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Ready to explore from #TheNorthFacexGucci tent, part of the collaboration collection between the two brands. Discover more .

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Presenting the new collection in #GucciOuverture Of Something That Never Ended, a film in 7 episodes directed by #GusVanSant and #AlessandroMichele screening daily from Nov. 16-22 on #GucciFest.

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