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Husband. Dad. Grandfather. Co-founder of the Schultz Family Foundation. Former Starbucks Chairman/CEO.

Seattle, WA

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Today we remember the sacrifice of the U.S. and Allied soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. Thousands gave their lives that day to liberate millions. To those brave warriors, we salute you. Your commitment to freedom will never be forgotten. #DDay75

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On Memorial Day, let us remember what we celebrate: the honor of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The freedoms that are the foundation of our nation are not free, and we will never forget those who fought to defend our values at home and abroad.

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Quoted @JoeTheWhite

I think this means Howard Schultz is the Three Eyed Raven? #gameofthrones


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The Arizonans I met want political leaders to pass sensible immigration reforms. We can secure our border, encourage free trade, and welcome hardworking people who can contribute to the growth of our economy.

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Wishing all those who celebrate a meaningful and joyful Easter.

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Happy pesach from my family to yours. Tonight begins a week-long commemoration of perseverance and freedom, and an opportunity for friends and family to come together around the table in celebration.

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Jerrie Cobb’s legacy is an inspiration to all. Her achievement as the first female astronaut candidate, and her ongoing efforts to get women into space, helped pave the way for women everywhere.

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Every voice matters. That’s why we listen. And that’s how we get to meet people like Melinda and her husband, Paul, who created Live Love to serve their community. Incredible people with an incredible mission. #HeartOfAmericaTour

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First stop in Arizona: Scottsdale. Had a great time meeting and speaking with everyone at the @ScottsdaleChmbr.

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Thank you for the conversation and your thoughtful editorial, @brendanminiter. If the American people want real change in 2020, it's worth considering a new approach, that's honest and accountable.

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Our #HeartOfAmericaTour continues tomorrow as we head to Arizona. What are the best places to eat in the cities we’ll be in?

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By abandoning TPP and by engaging in trade wars, @realDonaldTrump has only given leverage to America’s competitors.

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Trump’s decision to abandon the Trans-Pacific Partnership and engage in trade wars is not a way to put America first.

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The audience’s reaction speaks for itself. America deserves better leadership.

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Tune in to @CNN, I’ll be speaking with @BrookeBCNN about my recent experiences in Kansas.

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The Senate is going on a two week vacation after failing to agree on and pass aid relief for millions of Americans. Our leaders were elected to put people's needs before their own. It’s time for public officials to be accountable to those that elected them.

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Day 2, you exceeded expectations. Our Kansas trip may be over but the conversations that were had and the things I learned along the way will stay with me forever. Thank you, Kansas, for your time, kindness, and candor. #HeartOfAmericaTour

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Miss Katherine Sawyer’s story is one of strong character and conviction, an everlasting reminder of the courage required to fight racial injustice—and that the fight must continue.

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Washington is mortgaging our children’s future. Treasury announced that so far this year, we’ve accumulated 15% more debt than we did in the same period last year. We need honesty and accountability. Let’s come together for a bipartisan solution. See how this affects you:

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