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Jonah • WHY DON’T WE

i’m in a band @whydontwemusic

Los Angeles, CA

Joined on 6 February, 2014

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hey @JonahMarais someone special wants to say hey😼

woooooahhhhh..... 🤯 um, hi selena i did not expect to watch what i just watched and idk what to even say but i printed out pictures of you in 6th grade and posted them around the school cuz i loved u so much hahaha

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you just had to be there

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more people have hit me up about liking Fallin’ in the last few days than ever before!! sooo wild. to every single one of u who’s played it for a friend, thank you so much. love ya

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Replying to @RecordingAcad: Accompanied by acoustic guitar, the five-piece #LA boy band @whydontwemusic digs into the essence of their self-construc…

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iTunes US 🇺🇸

#31. Fallin’ - @whydontwemusic (+1)

*Peak #1.*

how did this happen??! we’re back in the top 40 baby let’s gooooo! love you guys ♥️

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the best way to figure out who you are is to figure out who you aren’t first. then you can start ticking things off that list until you’re left with the best you. 😌

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Accompanied by acoustic guitar, the five-piece #LA boy band @whydontwemusic digs into the essence of their self-constructed banger from 'The Good Times And The Bad Ones'. 🎸

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Quoted @micherayne

@JonahMarais I hate asking you but if you see this would you mind following me please Jonah? 💜

i gotchu ♥️

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Replying to @seavexsmile: . @JonahMarais and @SeaveyDaniel x this is my best friend

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. @JonahMarais and @SeaveyDaniel x this is my best friend

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hope you’re having a fantastic night tonight

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why has life become a plan to put some money in my hand, when the love i really need is stupid cheap ?

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thank you for 900k 🙏🏻

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hi you’re hot

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good morning to jonah marais

goodmorning mel 😌♥️

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this is so cool!!!! thank you guys for listening to the album ♥️

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when you know, you just know. ya know?

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we made a really awesome song today

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walkin on sunshine

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all i wanna do rn is take a 5am flight to chicago and do promo all day and then a radio show at allstate arena and then fly to the next cuty after our set

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i’ve waited for this day for years. our self written album “The Good Times and The Bad Ones” is officially out everywhere now. i hope that our experiences in life can connect with you and help you with your experiences in life. LOVE YOU. SO MUCH. #TGTATBO

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