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Deku still unconscious 😶 #MHASpoilers

BNHA 298
i doubt deku is gonna die,,, he’s just really injured and suffering big blows from the war wont make his body ok right away or wake him up- best bet he is talking w the OFA users?😪

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BNHA 298

im avoiding 298 leaks fully rn but i do know Deku is the only one who hasn’t woke up, and a theory my brother and i were talking about is that he has been talking to the OFA users- but then again its just a theory

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im back from the dead bitches, seems like some of yall couldnt wait😪🤚🏻

anyways, have some drawings to compensate

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can this be counted as anitwt sd entry? 😌🤚🏻

anyways, here is my full hanako-kun female ver. cosplay 🔪🍩

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my entire hanako-kun cosplay is complete, gonna post it now

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are the 297 leaks coming out today?? I NEED ANSWERS.

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suddenly im just in pain

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bakugo is a closeted nerd and deku is a closeted delinquent


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tag yourself as bnha characters through your mbti


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so thankful it fits me cuz asian sizes are TINY.. plz the one im wearing IS AN XL.. HAHAHAHA

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this is my first time cosplaying and it’s gonna be my creative shot for my graduation~

also imma take full body pics when the shoes arrive hehe ^^

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Hanako-kun (Female Ver.) 🔪🍩

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got my hanako-kun female ver. cosplay hehe- shud i post pics of me wearing it cuz i aint postin if it aint getting the needed appreciation HAHAH

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had to cover the text cause this was actually a sketch to greet my friend for her birthday

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appreciate my kuroo sketch, im proud of it🤚🏻

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i drew kuroo, shud i post

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just flexing my case from @K1LLUG0Nbaka 💕

ur welcome😳🤚🏻 i’ll gladly design another one for you but bakugo ver. 🤌🏻

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“Tell Me” by Killua has such deep meaning— a thread full of venting on my part, idk if my explanations are accurate, but its how i understood his song

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