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Just making videos for you to watch when you should be doing something productive.

Los Angeles, California

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turn that up

🗣🗣🗣What time zone?!

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But did you ever take a Blackberry photoshoot?

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@JsonFredericks @MRantDavis

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Man. Why am I fully invested in Bling Empire. I NEED TO GO OUTSIDE!

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Return of the Mack

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My wife done got me watching The Bachelor. Smh. Sarah was big tripping.

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Quoted @_Floodlight

Everyone who "flipped burgers" before getting a desk job knows exactly which one is harder.

I worked at Burger King and Boeing. Burger King was INFINITELY harder.

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There’s a whole community of Black people on here that follow The Premier League who’ve welcomed me with open arms and explained so much. I’m so grateful. 🥲🥲🥲

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Replying to @thetillshow:

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What was the album you played to death when you got your first car?

Mine “The Rebirth Of Kirk Franklin”

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Replying to @roywoodjr: FBI: we honor MLK on this special day

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Quoted @NFL

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” #MLKDay

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FBI: we honor MLK on this special day

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Help us settle a debate. Do you think the president has a physical key to the White House?

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I don’t know why my pancakes turned out like this. They look familiar 👀

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In soccer what does cagey mean?

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Manchester United fans are we happy with a draw. I think I am happy.

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BROKE people have the strongest prayers.

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