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#HubbleTrivia time! Above Earth’s murky atmosphere, Hubble gets a clear view of the universe. The orbiting telescope's primary mirror gathers light from the cosmos and directs it toward its scientific instruments.

How wide is Hubble's primary mirror?

The video has the answer!⬇️

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About 8,000 light-years away, a cluster of young stars called Pismis 24 unleashes intense radiation and winds, carving out a cavity in the nebula where the stars formed. This #HubbleClassic shows the cluster and part of the nebula, called NGC 6357:

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Hubble was designed to be visited in space by astronauts to perform repairs, replace parts, and update its technology with new instruments!

👨‍🚀 Between 1993 and 2009, there were five servicing missions, which paved the way for Hubble’s continued success. #UniqueTalentDay

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Guess what? This Friday is Black Hole Friday! Check back here (and follow along with @NASAUniverse) to learn more about black holes on November 27.

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This is an image of spiral galaxy NGC 3147, captured by Hubble.

⚫️ 😱 What you can’t see is the supermassive black hole at its center that weighs ~250 million times the mass of our Sun!

Learn more about black holes in this episode of Curious Universe:

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#OTD in 1998, Hubble unveiled this image of the Hubble Deep Field South, which featured thousands of dazzling, never-before-seen galaxies. It took a 10-day-long observation to capture this patch of the universe, near the south celestial pole.

Learn more:

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Replying to @NASAhistory: Happy #birthday to astronomer Edwin Hubble, born #OTD in 1889. Hubble proved that the universe contains multiple galaxies,…

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Happy #birthday to astronomer Edwin Hubble, born #OTD in 1889. Hubble proved that the universe contains multiple galaxies, rather than just the Milky Way. He's the namesake of @NASAHubble! Learn more about his life here:

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What did Hubble see on your birthday? 🎂🎈

Today is the birthday of our namesake, Edwin Hubble! Take a look at what Hubble saw on November 20. Pictured here, Arp 148 is the aftermath of an encounter between two galaxies.

Find your Hubble image here:

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Happy birthday, Edwin Hubble! 🎉

Our namesake made groundbreaking discoveries in the field of astronomy, just as the telescope named for him has done over the past 30 years. In this video, learn more about the Hubble Space Telescope’s voyage of discovery.

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It's Friday! To kick off the weekend, here’s a Hubble image of the galaxy UGC 12588. Though classified as a spiral galaxy, its arms are faint – the clearest view of them comes from the blue stars sprinkled around the galaxy’s edges:


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Bright rays and dark shadows are seen beaming out of the center of galaxy IC 5063, located 156 million light-years away. Astronomers suggest that a ring of dusty material surrounding the black hole at the galaxy’s core may be casting its shadow into space:

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Let's check in with the largest planet in our solar system for this week’s #HubbleTrivia!

What has Hubble helped reveal about Jupiter’s Great Red Spot? 🤔

(The video in the thread has the answer!)

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This stunning #HubbleClassic features galaxy M106 and its unusual set of spiral arms. It's a collaboration between Hubble and amateur astronomers, combining observations from Hubble and from astrophotographers on the ground:

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Cluster Abell 370 is 4 billion light-years away, and home to hundreds of galaxies! Thanks to data sonification, we can conceptualize this image through the sense of sound (brightness = volume, position = frequency).


Credit: @system_sounds

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Quoted @NASA

Resilience rises. 🚀

The Crew-1 mission has lifted off on a Falcon 9 rocket from @NASAKennedy at 7:27pm ET and is en route to the @Space_Station. #LaunchAmerica

Here’s to the successful and historic launch of @NASA’s @SpaceX Crew-1 to the @Space_Station! 🚀 The Hubble team remembers the excitement of shuttle launches to service the telescope, and we hope Crew-1’s mission is just as full of wonder and discovery. #LaunchAmerica

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In this #HubbleFriday image, the galaxy LRG-3-817 appears as a long arc, left of the central galaxy cluster. It looks warped due to gravitational lensing, which happens when a huge distribution of matter sits between Earth and a distant source of light:

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Here’s a beautiful cosmic jewel for you, courtesy of @chandraxray and Hubble!

The planetary nebula IC 4593 is located 7,800 light-years away. This image combines visible-light data from Hubble (pink and green) and Chandra X-ray observations (purple):

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