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The deep ocean is similar to outer space – an alien realm filled with mysteries, darkness and hostile conditions. #ICYMI, in the fourth episode of our “On A Mission” #podcast, we’ll meet astronaut Kathy Sullivan who ventured into the depths of our planet.

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“Seek out opportunities, and if they’re not there, make them!”

Mattie Bowen, @NASAPersevere mechanical engineering co-op student

#NativeAmericanHeritageDay |

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“I have spent much of my academics and career being the only Native in the room... seek support when you need it – there are many people and organizations ready to help you succeed.” --Aaron Yazzie, @NASAPersevere engineer

#NativeAmericanHeritageDay |

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“Indigenous representation enriches culture, innovation, and allows our members to give back to Native and underrepresented communities." —Lauren Denson, @NASAPersevere Technical Group Supervisor & Quality Engineer

#NativeAmericanHeritageDay |

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#BlackHoleFriday Our retired Spitzer mission found 2 of the most distant black holes ever found. These supermassive black holes are quasars. Their light traveled 13B yrs to reach Earth, which means they formed less than 1B yrs after the birth of the universe.

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#BlackHoleFriday Our WISE spacecraft surveys the sky in infrared light & has found tens of millions of massive black holes. These maps reveal changes in disks of gas & dust that gather around the black holes too, which scientists could potentially use to measure cosmic distances.

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This #BlackHoleFriday⚫️ we’re highlighting our NuSTAR mission for being skilled at finding hidden supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies, many of which are obscured from view. NuSTAR data could help provide a better count of supermassive black holes in the universe.

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This #Thanksgiving, we commemorate @NASAInSight for touching down on Mars #OTD two years ago. Since then, the lander has measured marsquakes, tracked the weather and was the first spacecraft to detect magnetic signals on the surface of the Red Planet.

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📸s in order:
1. Orion Nebula by @NASAHubble
2. @NASA's EPOXI showed meaty comet Hartley 2
3. @NASAMars rover Opportunity found a "berry bowl." (Cranberries & hematite form in the presence of H2O.)
4. Gravy-like streaks on this seen by @HiRISE might be caused by seasonal water.

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The universe is wishing you a stellar #Thanksgiving from all over. Enjoy these sweet space images in a gallery inspired by the occasion.🍂

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Wednesday evening until very early Thursday morning, venture out into the chilly air to spot Mars brightly shining above the waxing gibbous Moon 🌔

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Now that the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite is in orbit, you can tag along on its journey #SeeingTheSeas around our planet using @NASA_Eyes. The interactive site gives you a real-time look at the sea-level scout’s path.

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Everyone has unique talents, and our projects do too. Take Cold Atom Lab: it can create the fifth state of matter and was the first facility to do so in orbit.

What’s your unique talent? #UniqueTalentDay

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MOXIE, an experimental device on @NASAPersevere, will try to extract oxygen from the CO2-rich Martian air. That could help pave the way for future astronauts to come back home since oxygen is needed to launch rockets. #CountdownToMars

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Up, up & away ✈️ (virtually!)
Fly with a NASA pilot and explore Earth’s airspace with JPL and a @uarizona scientist in this new "On A Mission" podcast episode, from wispy clouds high above down to tiny particles that make up air pollution.

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Just in time for the long weekend – here’s another coloring page. Make sure to share your spectacular Saturn artwork using #ColorWithNASA for a chance to be featured.

Download here:

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Get lifted! Relive all the action from today's picture-perfect launch of Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich. The US-European partnership lifted off from @30thSpacewing aboard a @SpaceX Falcon 9 and will soon be #SeeingTheSeas from orbit.

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Fair Winds & Following Seas!🌊Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich has successfully entered Earth orbit. It separated from the rocket, unfolded its solar arrays, ground controllers acquired its signal & reports show the spacecraft is in good health.


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Replying to @esaoperations: #Sentinel6 we hear you!

The North Pole Satellite Station in Alaska has caught the spacecraft's first signals from space…

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#Sentinel6 we hear you!

The North Pole Satellite Station in Alaska has caught the spacecraft's first signals from space and is locked on to the new mission. Transmission coming into #ESOC #missioncontrol loud and clear.


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Bon voyage, Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich! The US-European Earth orbiter has separated from its @SpaceX rocket and is one step closer to #SeeingTheSeas

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