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Comedian. POPSTAR. Saturday Night Live. Dank on Disjointed. 🗣💨🍃 I have fun here, if you can remember what that is. COVID-19 Protest Relief fund link here!

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Man every time I take a sleeping pill I never

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After doing some careful self evaluation I have realized I need to be a little bit more open. I want to build a better personal connection to everybody on here who support me. So , let’s start by everybody giving me their social security numbers

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60 days in is the most privileged Ass show I’ve ever seen and I hate everybody on it

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Being sexy is more than just looks but if you’re lazy it’s a good place to start

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“You up?” About to hit Nate Robinson different for the rest of his life.

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That moment we all had together when we realized we just watching two old people fight

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So far, tyson/Roy walk out fight music has been weak!!

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“I’m throwing punches with bad intentions at all times”

- Mike Tyson 😂💪🏾

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Quoted @SoulJoels

TONIGHT: We have some serious laughs rolling into #Royersford with @Sherrod_Small & @SamJayComic taking our stage 🙌🎉

Our outdoor tent is heated, seating is socially distanced, and completely BYO (food, drink, chairs, etc.)

🎟: #SoulJoels

Do yourself a favor tho

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America is back.

I mean, it has an adult dad now but we got a lot to do

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Tonight!.@ginayashere @domirrera @sarahtiana @Reddsaidit @JamieKennedy @Kennelia #MagicAsphalt @MagicCastle_AMA 🎟

Pull up!

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Y’all be safe as these numbers go up and please keep that “outside with a raw mouth” energy far away from me.

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Whew, some of y’all be missing the point like a city bus.

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Analogy remix: Imagine getting your ass beat while the world watches and then yelling “I want a rematch” only to get your ass beat again but this time over a long drawn out period of time. The ego is a hell of a drug

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Every time I think I can’t forgive myself for mistakes in my past I remember my cousin got his eye lids tatted and I find balance in that.

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It’s dope to know that somewhere out there is a man with a jetpack plottin’ right now to just confuse a couple pilots for 30 minutes for no real reason at all

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Hair coloring is like oral sex in the way that it’s just awkward when something dyes on your face.

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Covid curfew is weird because covid doesn’t have a bed time but I get what they’re trying to do?

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The streets gotta be dry right now cause the whole trap is on WiFi watching #verzuzbattle

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👋🏾 Hello. Glad @nbcsnl ‘s back.

Bottom of your Face FT. Megan Thee Stallion & @chrisrock
Also @eggy_boom @kenanthompson and Pete Davidson

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